Just starting out, or your first time in the air, then this level is for you. This is really about your first year or so of training. Emphasis is on developing strength and solid basics. Unless you’ve already been doing a lot of training in another sport, expect this to take about a year – we all need to work on our strength and flexibility.


You’ve have caught the flying bug but are still very much learning your trade and been training for about a year. You feel much stronger and you’re actually able to bring your arms up straight by your ears! You are now comfortable on the apparatus and are ready to start more dynamic moves and sequencing skills.


This is for confident and competent aerialist who know their stuff, you’ve been training for about 2 to 3 years. These classes will improve your technique and help you find your own creative voice in the air. You’re now ready to start linking sequences and ready to push yourself even more and start linking dynamic skills.

Adults Classes

If you’ve ever wanted to fly, well this is your chance!

Aerial dance helps develop a strong core and overall body tone by learning different combinations of moves and athleticism while in the air. Don’t think you are strong enough? Not to worry- most people can’t climb or do a pull up when they first begin!

We offer a safe and fun environment for you to learn something new and work on skills you never knew you could do. Just come to the centre to try it out, watch others do it, or come talk to us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. We’re confident we can tempt you into this wonderful aerial dance community!

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Adults Fees

4 week term – 1 class per week – €70

4 week term – 2 classes per week – €120

Members term discount: 20%

Weekday Drop in (if possible) – €20

Adults Timetable


Class Descriptions

Adult Classes (5)

This class is for students who have done at least one term with us at the IACC. In this class we work on Cocoon, Trapeze, Hoop, Fabric and Wall Running. Students are taught two different apparatus each week, working on skills and linking them into sequences.

This class is for adults who have completed at least 1 term with us at the IACC and gained enough skills to progress to the next level. In this class we work on Cocoon, Trapeze, Hoop, Fabric and Wall Running skills and look at taking them to the next level. Students are taught 2 different apparatus each week working on skills and linking them into sequences.

This class is for students who have experience in aerial, can invert comfortably and with a high level of fitness. In this class we will explore the movement of trapeze, from spinning to swinging, creating beautiful sequences and doing lots of pull-ups! You must have completed a previous aerial course to be accepted into this class.

This is a class for students who have taken aerial classes before, can climb comfortably on the fabrics and are able to do single footlock, double footlock and hiplock in the air. In this class we will be exploring different wraps and sequences on fabric and work on improving strength and stamina.

This is a class for adults who have never tried aerial before. We will be working on Cocoon, Trapeze, Fabric, Hoop, and Wall-running. We will learn basic skills and exercises to help move on to the next level.

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Adults FAQs (12)

You should wear clothes which are comfortable and reasonably tight fitted. Leggings, joggers, t-shirts and jumpers are perfect. We don’t allow zips on clothes as they can damage our equipment. Please check your clothes for zips before attending class, especially on layers which you cannot take off such as zips on the back of leggings or joggers.

You should bring along some water to class as it is a very physical class so you will need to stay hydrated. Bring layers as the space can be cool in winter. To accommodate the height requirement we are located in a huge warehouse and it is good to stay warm during teachers demonstrations.

Workshops and Drop-In classes must be paid for in advance. There are no refunds once a booking is made through bookeo.

A text is appreciated to let us know if you’re going to be late. We will ask you to do a warm up when you arrive if you have missed the warm up, to make sure you are ready to go into the air.

All classes and terms must be paid for in advance. This can be done by paying online through Bookeo, or by dropping in cash in the centre in advance. We keep our classes small, with a max ratio of 1 tutor to 9 students. Because of this we cannot facilitate swapping classes around. Similarly, if you miss a week, we cannot give you a swap class the week you’re back.

If you have a free evening and you’d like to join in with a class or you are free on a Saturday you can do a drop in class for €20, for Sat please just call Annette to book for weekly drop in class these are subject to availability and are only filled 48hrs before class commences e.g on Sat evening for Mondays classes etc, so email Annette and she can put you on the waiting list.

Yes. Although aerial uses a lot of upper body strength it is not necessary to be strong before you start as our classes are created for people to build strength to get into the air.

Yes. We have a mixed apparatus class which is the next level up from beginners on Tuesdays 6:30-8. We also have a fabric class (Mondays 6:30-8) and a trapeze class (Wednesday 6:30-8) which are for students who have been doing aerial for a while and are competent on trapeze or fabric.

IACC offers membership for advanced and professional aerialists to come train themselves.

The studio works on a 5/6 week term for adults.

No. Beginners Aerial classes are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and you don’t need to have any previous experience in anything before attending. It is of course helpful if you have this background as some skills transfer over to the air well but aerial is a form in itself and will be taught in a beginners class to suit the absolute beginner.

Yes. We have Saturday drop in classes which we run twice a month. Check out our facebook page or booking page to check when the next class is.

Yes, we also do bespoke workshops for different groups of 6 or more. Send a message to to start organising a workshop.

Kids FAQs (4)

For children the term is Sept – Dec , Jan – easter holidays , end of easter holidays to June. Then Summer camps will start for 3-5weeks depends on demand.

Your child can start at any time of the term if there is space and a reduced payment will be agreed. If there is no space we will put you on a waiting list for the next term. If that class is full next term and if we have enough children on a waiting list ( at least 9) we will start a new class the next term. So tell your friends.

We take children from 4, but usually suggest they have started school first as aerial does carry some instruction, so some level of attention skills are necessary.

We do kids parties for up to 25 children age 4+. The focus is on an ‘activity party’. Children get to try out all the apparatus and do more fun based activities such as harness and free mat diving. To arrange a party please email

We have 1 unisex changing area that children can get changed in and we do have a no shoes policy in the aerial training space , no food policy in the aerial training space – so children can eat food in the waiting area or in the changing room. We are not beside any shops so best to take snacks and water with you.

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