Sparrows age range is 4-7 years.


Hawks age range is 8-12 years.


Eagles age range is 13-17 years.

Kids Classes

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We run classes for kids from ages 4 to 17, divided by age group. They learn a whole variety of skills, like silks, trapeze, hoop and vertical dance. At the end of every school year each class has a performance.

Aerial is a great way for kids to get stronger and maintain their flexibility, and work on life skills like hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and memorising movements. As children get more experienced, we start to incorporate creativity into their classes, allowing them to express themselves through aerial dance and choreograph their own performances. Aerial dance has similarities to gymnastics in terms of physical movement, but we foster a supportive and non-competitive environment without examinations or certificates.

Kids Fees

Kids terms are usually 5 or 6 weeks long, and work out as €15 per class for Hawks/Eagles or €12 per class for Sparrows.

You can still join a term late, just get in touch and we’ll adjust the price.


For aerial you can wear general sports clothes, but it’s important to avoid zippers or other things that can get caught in the fabric, or dig into your skin. It’s also good to have the backs of your knees covered.

Shoes are left on the rack near the door, as there’s no shoes allowed on the green mats. We recommend bringing a water bottle, but no other liquids in case of spillages, and no eating on the green mats.

For any queries or concerns, just give us a call on 085 866 1748