Groups and Private Lessons


Come celebrate with us, whether it’s your birthday or your hen night! For parties we give you 90 minutes of party games and activities, with plenty of time in the air. You can request which apparatus you’d like to do in advance, or we’ll give you two different things to do on the day. We offer silks, cocoon, trapeze, hoop, vertical dance, and free flying harness (other apparatus might be available by request). Then you have 30 minutes afterwards in the side room if you want to bring a cake to cut. We don’t supply any food or drink, but you’re welcome to set up something in the room while the party is happening.

The party rates are €160 for 8 children and €15 per additional child, or €200 for 8 adults and €20 per additional adult.  You can book with us by phone, email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, in person at the office, or by carrier pigeon, and we take an €80 deposit you can pay here.  We accept cash or card on the day. When you’re booking, please tell us the name of who’s party it is, the age range, if you’d like to do a particular apparatus, any previous experience, and approximate numbers. We’ll confirm final numbers the week before.

Group Workshops

We can arrange group workshops for any kind of group, including schools, home schools, and youth groups. We can adjust the day, time, duration and frequency to suit your needs. A standard workshop might be between an hour and 90 minutes, depending on age range. We could potentially accommodate groups as small as 4, but 8 is the perfect number. We can work with groups as large 50+ if we have adequate time for planning, or you can split your group into multiple times/days.

We can also arrange full day workshops, usually five hours with a lunch break. This will allow groups to really delve into the apparatus and learn some proper technique, that we can then use in some creative time. We can also arrange regular weekly classes/workshops to suit you, whether it’s for school P.E. or just a private group.

Private Lessons

We can also offer private one-on-one lessons, or very small groups. These are more expensive, but allow for really detailed learning and advancement. For existing aerialists who want to further their practice in a specific apparatus or technique, we can arrange an aerial tutor to suit.

For anyone with specials needs we can also arrange private classes to suit you. If you need more time and attention than you’d get in a public class, then we can discuss how a private lesson can work for you. Some people who may have difficulties on the ground, might find life easier in the air! Particularly the use of a harness can give newfound freedom of movement to some people. We’d welcome anyone to come visit the centre during the day or contact us and discuss what’s possible.