Sharon Loerzer

About Sharon


Hello! here is a little bit about my roots, my background, my training and my goals… that you can get a feel of who you will be meeting in your session. Whether on-line, over the phone or in person, I bring all my experience and potential to be at your service.

Born on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza to German/Canadian parents, I was brought up in both Ontario and Ibiza. I can thank my culturally rich education, fluency in English, Spanish and German, and a very early awakening to a sense of the divine, for giving me a marvelous base to draw upon throughout my training and work.

I am the mother of three grown daughters and have three beautiful grandchildren. Due to family circumstances I played a partial role in bringing up my own siblings…parenting has always been a large part of my life! The joys and tribulations of those dedicated years have brought solid experience and a deep wish to share all I know with other parents, children and siblings……family truly is the basis of our society!

My spiritual training with Ria Panen at the Sa’Sen Yin School for Therapists gave the structure, focus and tools to put all this amazing experience to use. Ria is a spiritual teacher. The essence of her work is to help people find their way to a profound state of love, consciousness and self-reliance. She makes it her major task to show people the path to their inner Selves, so they can live their full potential. The emphasis is on whole(holistic) health. Those who seek her guidance learn to heal their inner selves and be of service to others.

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Parenting Workshop


Parenting Workshop €35

Wednesday December 12th


Irish Aerial Creation Centre


Here we create a deep shift in your sense of Autonomy, thus bringing in a shift in how you use your Authority.

A huge part of parenting includes how we show up as authority figures for our children. As modern day parents, we deeply desire that authority to be both loving and satisfying for both parent and child.

Very often, however, it doesn’t quite work how we want or imagined.

In this workshop Sharon will address our relationship to authority, and how it has been deeply conditioned throughout our lives.

She will begin a process that swiftly and deeply shifts your perceptions of yourself and your children, using what she calls a “healthy hierarchy”.

Sharon is a certified Sa’Sen Yin therapist, with 25 years of experience working with families, parents, children and teens. She is passionate about the potential that lies within every family structure to create harmony and safety. She is gifted at diagnosing exactly where the key lies that will bring more understanding and peace between parents and children.

Private Session with Sharon

An opportunity to delve into and shift any issue that deeply concerns you at the moment.

This can be family oriented, or a personal challenge regarding health, career, partnership etc.

Swift diagnosis, and immediate life changing tools.

Sharon is a certified Sa’Sen Yin therapist with 25 years of experience. Her gift is to come swiftly and compassionately to the core and root of any ailment or situation that is disturbing you. This can be recurring or an acute moment in life.

Once she has guided you to focus on the root cause, she can help you to transform that into a life changing, constructive and integrated tool for you to use to become happier, more balanced and creative.

Any life situation or issue is included……Sharon will work with you to make sense of it and grow with it.

Sharon will be in Limerick 9th, 10th, 11th December. Private sessions are €90.

For bookings please contact or 085 866 1748